"The teachings of Robert Young will change you, it will take time and consistent effort but you will be better because of it. It begins with a grounding exercise, this will settle you in and make you present and open to learning new ideas and ways of thinking.
In a pleasant conversation, you will talk, he will listen and ask questions. It will be like talking to an old friend. Then, there will be a debrief of what was said and what was hiding in the words. Robert will find where the work needs to be done, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.
This is where the magic happens.   You will know, within you, that digging deep is the way out and up. He will help you find the way but you will have to do the work.
Good luck! You are worth it.
PS take notes there is a lot to be learned."
Robert Young is a storyteller whose remarkable career accomplishments across the creative industries have helped to inspire and heal everyday people around the globe for over 30 years. 

"I often tell people that when my father passed I felt like I became a man but when my mother transcended I became a boy. I was crippled by what we all know to be an inescapable part of life.... death. It led me to investigate the impact of loss and the hidden trauma it can create deep down within all human beings. It was through this research that I recognized that 'Happiness Is A. Matter Of Life & Death,' and that we should all do our part to make access to peace of mind and the joy of a life fulfilled, a part of our everyday lives and the lives of those we care for." -Robert Young, Abundant Buddha Founder

Abundant Buddha was created to deliver tangible results in the area of Health & Wellness Personal Development. There is a lot of information out there to digest about wellness. Our job is to simplify the process by giving our subscribers the tools to access the tools necessary to allow them to embark on the greatest journey of their lives, the JOURNEY BACK TO SELF.

Robert  Young has infused inspiration at the core of every one of the storytelling ventures he has produced for government, corporate, and philanthropic organizations around the world. From 65ft portraits on the Hard Rock Stadium for El Clásico Miami and 41 backlit portraits in the Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce for the Pan American Games, his mission has always been to uplift.
Young's documentary film projects on war-torn youth in Sierra Leone, West Africa, brain-injured children in Barbados and HIV-positive toddlers in the Dominican Republic, have all been a part of his study of human beings and our innate ability to weather emotional storms and come out standing. 

Abundant Buddha presents Health and Wellness Personal Development tools and courses based on 30+ years of study through direct one on one experiences, teaching and mentorship along with hands-on learning with international healers, scholars, therapists, instructors, and everyday people. Robert Young's gift is in his ability to see people as they are and invite them back to the best version of themselves.
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