The Sabbatical

Your 8-Week Personal Development Course

We all want to be better today than we were yesterday and while there are a world of ways to get there, the issue is never the philosophy but rather our inability to remain diligent and take the actionable steps necessary to change. 

We believe the answer is in our ability to make decisions based on a foundation of knowing our authentic selves. Once you know who you are at your core, decisions that will serve you are both easy to make and to follow up on.

Courtesy of, "The Sabbatical: A Journey Back To Self," is a repeateble, multi-session transformative personal development course meticulously designed to guide individuals on a holistic journey towards self-discovery and self-improvement. 

Each session focuses on the following 8 foundational principles - Health, Love, Prosperity, Gratitude, Joy, Peace, Contentment, and Victory. Fostering a comprehensive understanding of these key elements of life is a means to closing the gap between you and your unconscious thoughts that negatively impact your forward motion, happiness, drive, and basic peace of mind.

The Sabbatical program is built on engaging video sessions that not only address the 8 principles but give you actionable steps to follow, enabling you to delve deep into what these elements signify and how you can incorporate these principles to become your best self. 

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a physical copy of "Robert Young's Daily Inspiration: Your Guide To Hope In Times Of Hopelessness," extending your inspiration for an additional 70 days as we work together to implement long-lasting change through ritual and routine. Throughout the 70 days, you are encouraged to go back and reflect on each session and when it is all over, like brushing our teeth, we rinse and repeat until eventually we arrive where we always belonged, at peace.

Packed with daily motivational prompts and fine art photographs captured around the globe, Daily Inspiration ensures the momentum gained during the course forms positive habits that can be maintained for a lifetime. 

This course was originally developed to serve our corporate clients working to improve the well-being of their employees. Through the great work of the team at it has been transformed into an effective course for anyone looking to begin the journey back to self. 

Here is what some of our executive corporate clients at CBC have said about the course and its impact on one of their staff:

"Robert Young was highly recommended when we decided to contract the services of a career coach.  Robert's techniques allowed for introspection, focusing on health and wellness while striving to achieve personal and professional goals. The positive results were evident after only a few short weeks into the program. Robert's caring and professional approach allowed us to reach the goals we sought to achieve at the program's conclusion."

Rodney Millington
Senior Manager, News Operations, CBC News

"I engaged Robert Young to coach an employee who was having a difficult time at work. Robert met with the employee, assessed a coaching strategy and successfully delivered on that strategy. The employee praised Robert for his support during the time they worked together. He was professional and delivered his services in a timely manner. Robert also kept a two-way dialogue with management on the progress of the coaching while still respecting the privacy of the person being coached. The company and the employee benefited greatly from Robert's expertise as a coach and we would definitely use his services again."

Nicholas Davis
Executive Director of Equity & Inclusion, CBC

By the end of the Sabbatical process, you will have set in motion a series of empowering routines and habits that will positively alter your life forever. This course is more than just personal development - it's a lifestyle transformation.
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